Power Washing

We Are The Perfect Choice

Thank you for inquiring about us, and taking the time find out more about what we do. Finding and hiring a contractor to work on your house can fill you with anxiety and trepidation. Squeaky Clean, Inc. is the perfect choice to serve your power washing needs.

Anxiety over hiring a power washing contractor can come from several areas based on past bad experiences. You may not be sure of the contractor’s qualifications, honesty or integrity. Some power washing companies want a large portion of the money up front, and then take a long time to complete the job. When the work does get done, it may be done by a subcontractor that the company you thought you were hiring has no control over, and who may not be adequately qualified or insured. Finally, it’s important to know what products and materials will be used to do the job.

Power Washing at Squeaky Clean, Inc. 

We at Squeaky Clean, Inc. strive to satisfy our customers on each of these points. We have twenty years of experience as a power washing contractor in Maryland. This is the only thing we do, and we do it very well.  Since we are experts in the power washing industry, we know the proper products to use for each task. The products we use are high quality and designed specifically for professional power washers and wood restoration companies. In addition, we never use sub-contractors. All work is done by Squeaky Clean, Inc.  employees who are thoroughly trained and supervised, and we are fully insured should a problem arise.

We understand why you may not feel comfortable paying for a house washing service up front. We will arrive when we say we will, we’ll finish promptly, and the cost will be the price quoted beforehand. Most importantly, we never ask for money up front. We accept no money until the job is done and you are satisfied. So give “Squeaky Clean Inc.” a chance, and you can rest assured that your power washing job will be done correctly, in a timely fashion, and using the highest quality materials possible.

Thank You Again,

Matthew Smith