Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cleaning Siding


Q. I thought siding was maintenance free. Why do I need to have it cleaned?

A. Siding gets dirty just like any other surface. Routine cleaning helps keep your house looking beautiful and keeps dirt and mildew from damaging your siding.


Q. Will pressure washing do any damage to my siding?

A. We use soap that is specially formulated for cleaning siding, therefore we can let the soap do the work and extremely high pressure is not needed.


Q. Will it harm my plants?

A. No. The soap we use is specifically designed for cleaning houses and is non-toxic to plants. As an extra precaution we keep the plants wetted down to be extra careful.


Q. What kind of products do you use to clean the house?

A. All soaps and coatings we use are specially formulated for cleaning siding.


Q. Do you have to scrub the house with a brush?

A. In most cases not much scrubbing is required. If we come across a hard to clean spot, we scrub it with a soft brush to get it clean.


Q. Will the windows be clean when you are done?

A. We pay special attention to rinse the windows down as we go, but sometimes a slight residue remains on the windows.


Q. Do you bring your own water?

A. We do have the ability to haul water to the job site, however a lot of jobs take more water than we are able to carry. You need to inform us in advance if water is a concern